DAY 300 – NONG PHAI KAEO – 64 KM + DAY 301 – PRENG – 79 KM]

Typical tuk tuk trip in Thailand

Cycling in Thailand is a continuous and positive surprise!

The drivers are respectful and always keep a safe distance; some of them even slow down behind us and wait for the right moment to overcome us: it was from european countries that this no longer happened!

Nature is at first shaggy and wild, and then tidy and spacious, but still lush and hospitable.

The weather is radiant and competitive: the sun never fails, and temperatures become oppressive in the middle of the day. It put ourself to the test, and we always come out victorious: tired, sometimes exhausted, but happy and satisfied ✌️😅

The approach with people is more reserved, almost shy, but sincere and profound. Few people scream or greet us at the top of their lungs, as was the case in Vietnam and Laos. Everyone here is watching us and smiling at us: anyone is busy with his work stops and dedicates a lovely look to us, and the most daring dare with a waved hand or thumb upwards.

People give us many gifts, every day: some bottles of fresh water, a red whistle to “protect us” and better untangle us in the chaos of the capital, and some juicy tomatoes.

But more than anything else, smiles, as already mentioned. The slogan “Thailand, the land of smiles” that we read almost everywhere, is undoubtedly truthful and real.And we’re infinitely grateful for this ☀️🙏😊


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