We travel to have more time to dedicate ourselves, to devote to ourselves, to live and re-fall in love every day of the people that we become together.
We travel to get excited, to discover us and discover the wonderful world we have, without forgetting our origins.
We travel desiring a constantly changing horizon, to wake up every day with a new and different dawn.
We travel by bike, slowly, to appreciate the new places and the people who live there. We don’t do it as tourists, but as travelers, as nomads, as citizens of the world.
We travel to meet other cultures, to share other ways of being, to listen to other languages, to search for the magical randomness of events and to enjoy them, to bring them memories.
We travel to break down cultural barriers and mental conceptions, to meet our fears, to get out of our comfort zone.
We travel for the present moment, to enjoy every single moment, to rebel against the modern routine.
We travel to be free. Free to choose. Free to make mistakes. Free to live and not put limits on our essence.
We travel to try to make our dreams come true, to fill our curiosity, to get rid of prejudices.
We travel to share this experience, to be the proof of the possibility of living an extraordinary life.
We travel because it’s time to do it. We are here and now. And we can not let life slip from our hands.