DAY 302 – BANGKOK – 62 KM

Traffic jam in Bangkok

After Moscow and Hanoi, we’re ready to face any other capital. Now we know!

Despite the intense and intended traffic, rush hours, roads that cross paths on several levels as seen in the movies, and the exhausting heat, we still manage to have fun and complete this stage too!

We know our weaknesses and try to protect each other. We know our strengths and we use them to the fullest to achieve the goal ☀️😍❤️

Bangkok is immense, colorful and sparkling. But it’s also crowded, full of cement and tired people. The scent of street food alternates quickly with that of sewer, within a few meters. However the roads are clean, there is no waste on the ground, and everywhere we see the bins for recycling.

There are navigable canals and often tourists prefer boat trips to enjoy the metropolis from another perspective.

Our attention is captured by some parks where we can walk estranged from the city confusion, and where we can feed the squirrels.

We dedicate 3 days to discover the city: we avoid the attractions of tourist interest, and we focus only on folklorist places and experiences. We visit the largest market in all of Bangkok, consisting of more than 15.000 small shops, and taste the local specialties. We try the bus and the subway, we cycle and walk until we’re exhausted.

Getting lost in the streets of an unknown city is the best way to appreciate it, and to appreciate the infinite shades of humanity!


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