The meaning of this English term is literally “economy of sharing”.
It is a system that comes in various forms:

  • sharing in the strict sense, that is the shared use of a resource or a space (for example, sharing the car or bicycle, of the house); very appreciated and useful to share the costs and costs arising from the use and maintenance of the asset.
  • crowding (for example crowdfunding and crowdsourcing) where you can find potential lenders for your business or your project, through investments, loans and donations made by individuals. This allows you to share an experience, as well as giving meaning to your investment.
  • bartering and making, understood as do-it-yourself, where people, regardless of their socio-professional, cultural or generational context, meet to exchange or share goods and resources, time, skills and talents.

Nowadays it is simple and fast to find platforms that connect people and make it possible to create interpersonal trust online, so that we can share goods, money, knowledge and skills, time.
Some of the most famous and used: Couchsurfing, Wwoofing, Workaway, Bla Bla Car, Warmshowers, Homeexchange, Airbnb (…)

The objective of the sharing economy is to promote new lifestyles that can promote savings and a fairer distribution of money; it allows new experiences, collaboration and socialization between people, as well as the possibility of volunteering; allows the protection of the environment, thanks to the reduction of consumerism and the optimization of resources, the possibility of giving new life to an object that has become superfluous for us.
And when goods generate value from being shared, magic is triggered at that moment, and the world becomes a better place!

Our purpose is to be able to use these forms of sharing and exchange as often as possible, to make new life experiences and to try to save money, since our journey has a limited budget.
To find out who can offer us hospitality or a job, we will not limit ourselves only to the luxury of technology and the Internet, but if necessary we will go knocking from door to door, just as we used to do.

On this page, you will find our experiences on the sharing economy, on how we found ourselves using a platform rather than another, on the adventures and misadventures experienced at the home of strangers, on advice and indications on how to build a trip based on this system.

Stay tuned!

The abundance combined with the “each for himself” produces misery, while sharing,
even in frugality, it produces everyone's satisfaction, that is, the joy of living. “

Serge Latouche