We know, you’ve told us so many: you would like to make you small and come in one of our bags, so you can travel with us. It would be really wonderful, even for us!
For now, sitting comfortably in your home, you can follow us online thanks to our articles, photos and videos.

If you want to be even more involved in this adventure, and contribute to our dreams, you could do it by giving us something. Or simply sending us some good Parmigiano when we’re on the other side of the world!

But before explaining how to make your support materialize, we will give you some presents:

✔️ Would you like to take a trip or just give yourself a weekend away?
Here are two discount coupons, ready for you! One is worth € 15 usable on (click here) and another € 25 on (click here)
If you don’t know or have never used these sites, know that they are among our favorites when we have to book a comfortable bed somewhere, anywhere in the world!
How it works: by booking through these links, you will get a refund of € 15 or € 25 at the end of your stay. By using these discounts you will give us the opportunity to get as many, and thus save money.

✔️ Do you often buy online? Are you curious about setting aside a nest egg at the same time? There is a way to get a refund for each of your online purchases, and more. We’ll talk about it here, in this article (click here)
During the preparation of our trip, we also used this savings system, buying part of our equipment. Through the proposed sites, you can save money immediately, and thanks to this word of mouth you will give us the chance to get a small benefit.

Ok, now that you have finished “discard” our gifts, if you want, you can continue reading and find out how to make a direct donation instead.
It’s simple: you can use PayPal or a bank transfer.
You do not know how much to give us? With € 5 we can buy fresh fruit, with € 10 it is as if you offered us a sandwich or a hot soup, and with € 25 maybe we can sleep on a comfortable mattress, € 50 can be useful to cover part of the cost of a VISA, € 100 is a change of tires for our bikes and € 500 is the cost of the cargo ship that will take us from Indonesia to Australia.

As you have already guessed, we don’t like to receive without giving: by making a direct donation, we will send you a postcard from the world or through the MyPostcard service.

Last but not least: spread the word! Talk about us with your friends, put “like” on Facebook and share our photos, follow us on Instagram and use the hastagh “#aenjoytravel”, let’s get together to meet and get to know each other, or just stay beside us with the thought!

Love and dreams have no boundaries on this planet!