Each of us has a dream in the drawer. And there are those who have a big trunk full of them.
Someone chases him for life, only to realize that he was looking for him in the wrong place. And there are those who remain, bored, waiting for a signal to start making it happen. There are those who make a mission, and realize incredible things while trying to reach their goal. Some people forget it and leave a thick layer of dust on it, and then maybe it’s too late. There are those who hide it and don’t give importance to the signals that keeps sending you: the lack of enthusiasm, the tiredness, the fear of the future.

To realize one’s dreams one must rebel. We must free ourselves from the bricks that weigh down our mind: prejudices, fears and uncertainties, the false security of a certain future, conformism, traditionalism, and sometimes even emotional ties. We must be free in a certain sense. And since you acquire this awareness, then you can start putting your dream into practice. And at this moment our true revolution begins.

Our goal, in addition to trying to achieve all our dreams and be an inspiration for people, is to encourage them to recognize and remember their dreams, the reason why they came to the world, the essence of the their existence.
And to do this we have a pen and paper: we will simply ask to write it down. Perhaps by doing so, we will make them more aware of their will, and we will stimulate them to pursue their path to happiness.
And we will always remain the guardians of their precious dream!

“There are those who dream of dominating the world and those who devote their whole life to the creation of a sword. And if there is a dream to sacrifice all of themselves, there is also a dream like a storm that sweeps away thousands of other dreams. With no relation to social status, class, background, whether it suits them or not, people yearn for a dream. Sustained by a dream, hurt by a dream, revived by a dream, killed by a dream. And even after being abandoned by a dream, it continues to smolder from the bottom of one’s heart, probably until the verge of death. A man should envision such a lifetime once. A life spent as a martyr…to the God named “Dream.”