Views of George Town street art

George Town is the perfect example of multicultural aggregation and integration.

Over the centuries, different colonial powers have followed one another: first the Arabs and then the Europeans – Portuguese, Dutch and British – and all have left their mark.Here streets and houses, colors and flavors, lives and souls from all over the world, intertwine.

We arrive Sunday afternoon, and we inaugurate our stay in the city with the Penang Food Festival: a triumph of tastes and scents, of traditions and smiles, of music and dances, expression of the multi-ethnic vivacity of the city.

This mood will accompany us for all the following days: we taste new dishes typical of Malaysian cuisine, and those already known of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. And in the meantime, thanks to food, we continue to travel and dream.

We dedicate ourselves to discovering every corner of the city, and we get lost carelessly in its narrow and colorful streets. The walls are a triumph of street art: they tell stories of important historical sites of the city and of everyday life, in a unique and timeless way.

George Town’s street art has unconsciously changed its views, and made it popular. Every day gives wonder, smiles and food fot thoughts to us travelers.


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