DAY 298 – CHANTABOURI – 89 KM + DAY 299 – KLAENG – 74 KM

The 6 rules for success

Cycling in Thailand with Warmshowers

Tonight we’re guests at the Ebby’s Resort, a german gentleman who moved to Thailand more than 30 years ago. Here he realized himself, his work, his family, his everyday life. Bodybuilding lover, one of his mentors is Arnold Schwarzenegger. On the wall of his small gym he hung a poster of him, with his “6 rules for success”.

We dedicate part of our evening to talk about what these rules mean and why they become a life guide for Ebby.

“The 6 rules for success” is the title of a famous speech given by Arnold Schwarzenegger on May 15th 2009 to the graduating students of the University of Southern California, when the Department of Modern Literature conferred on him the honorary degree. We suggest you to see the full video. It’s exciting, and it’s always nice to hear the emphasis that Arnold puts on it!



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