Riding a bicycle in the crazy Hanoi

10 days, a New Year’s Eve and a devitalized tooth of Andrea, in the capital of Vietnam. And now we’re ready to get back cycling!

After this experience we can say it: Hanoi is different from all other capitals, and deserves to be visited to better understand and appreciate the Vietnamese lifestyle!

The Old Quarter is the center of the city, and the streets are divided according to commercial activities. These little streets are always chaotic and full of clumsy scooters. At every corner we can find the typical street food, and the sidewalks are transformed into open-air restaurants, at any time of the day. The best food is the street food, even if you don’t have to be shocked by the non-existent hygiene rules.

The best way to discover this city is to get lost among its narrow streets, stopping from time to time to peek through a little shop and the other, and raising your nose to wonder at the architecture of the old houses.

Someone raccomanded us not to cross the road because it’s dangerous. And indeed, even if we’re on a crosswalk and with a green light, this doesn’t mean we have precedence. But in this case fear and too much prudence, making us hesitate, could play tricks on us. We have to assert ourselves, and walk with exuberance, with the arm raised indicating to stop.

Cross the road in Vietnam is like to live the life: you have to be brave! 🤘😎🔝


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