DAY 229 – BA VI NATIONAL PARK – 65 KM + DAY 230 – HOA BINH – 66 KM

The steps of Banana tree efflorescence

We decide to leave the main road, noisy and rather dusty, and to ride the secondary streets, go into the small villages. We’re welcomed by smiling people and joyful children. Everybody greets us!

Nature is pristine, and the sound of horns leaves space for the chirping of birds and of cicadas. We rediscover with amazement and enthusiasm how much this trip can still pleasantly excite us ☀️🙏😊

We ride on roads bordering the banana trees, and we marvel at their beauty. The flowering of the banana tree is not tied to a particular time of year, and that is why we can see plants in different stages of their development and fruiting.

In the picture we show you the inflorescence of the banana tree and the formation of the bunch of bananas. Subsequently, the bunch of bananas is wrapped in a large plastic bag that protects it from atmospheric precipitation. The bananas are still harvested green, and it will take about 15 days to mature until they are yellow.


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