DAY 311 – PHANG NGA – 68 KM + DAY 312 – AO LUEK – 47 KM

Rain season in Thailand

The daily appointment of the afternoon, from a week, is with a long tropical downpour. This is not the classic italian summer storm, sudden and genuine, and not even a russian flood, fresh and impetuous. The tropical downpour is something overwhelming, that doesn’t go unnoticed, it’s impertinent and presumptuous: buckets of regenerating water, full of life.

And the thai people live this moment as a ritual. It’s as if time stands still for a moment: the world stops, everyone stops. People are going to find shelter and look at the evolution of clouds in the sky. Here the rain brings refreshment, nourishes the earth and the spirit.

And after honoring this moment, everything starts again as if nothing had happened, in the middle of the downpour: there are those who walk barefoot regardless of the puddles; who resumes their journey on a scooter without their raincoat; and there are also those who take the opportunity to take a nice shower, also with soap, just outside the door of their home ✌️😅


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