DAY 309 – KHURA BURI – 68 KM + DAY 310 – TAKUA PA – 56 KM

Meet new friends cycling in Thailand

In southern Thailand the nature is awesome and overwhelming. It moves something inside you. It takes you away and gives you back, without expecting anything. It fill the gaps and feed the soul.

In these days we particularly feel the lack of home and of our loved ones, of good habits and of our sweet cat. We often think of italian food, of convivial moments spent with our families, and of the adventures we had with our friends.

We rely on Nature to find the serenity we need: the chirping of cicadas becomes more intense, so as not to make us feel our thoughts; the sun is bright, and illuminates everything with a new light, so as to capture our attention; sweet cats and cute little dogs approach each other, giving us lovely moments.

Ps. Destiny wants that soon our path will cross with that of other travelers, so as to make this period even more memorable!

The photo is taken by Rémi and Hélène ( a beautiful couple of French cyclists! But we will talk about them in the coming days!


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