DAY 316 – THUNG YAO – 68 KM + DAY 317 – LA NGU – 57 KM

Franco-German friends in Thailand

Thorve joins the group, a forty-year-old german gentleman with the passion for cycling since adolescence.

All together we’re a team of five unstoppable travelers, and that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed: anyone is amazed to see us, and greets us with enthusiasm!

At mid-morning we have to say goodbye to the french guys, hoping to meet again in Malaysia. We decide to make a small detour to visit a japanese melon farm knowned for its peel engravings.We continue our path with Thorve, and all together we will live the next two days.

The experience of sleeping in buddhist temples has exalted us, and we continue to ask for hospitality to the monks.

Each temple is different from the other: some are well kept, clean and spacious; others more simple and spartan. Every time we’re greeted by smiling and friendly people, and by lots of nice dogs.

Enjoy ✌️😅😊


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