We take time out. We take time to stop, look around and discover what surrounds us, wonder. We take time out to be surprised by new smiles, new flavors, new colors, and not to forget to amaze ourselves. We take time out to rest and recharge our energies, to be ready to start again with enthusiasm and to face with determination the new kilometers that await us. We take the time to dedicate ourselves and our little illnesses, as if they were small obstacles to overcome, small battles to be won, little cuddles to surrender to. We take some time to talk and get to know each other a bit more, to confront and improve ourselves, to love each other again

But then, why do we say “carve out time”?!

As children we cut things out, and often they scolded us to be careful with the scissors. We cut things out and then discovered that we made a mess. We cut things out and on always forgot some important piece here and there. It doesn’t always have a very positive connotation, isn’t it?!

Perhaps it would be better to say “we create our time”. Oh yes, that’s better. To create, to add and not to take away, to give or not to deny, to listen to oneself, to reflect and to imagine, and then to act. Enjoy 😊


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