St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, and the northernmost metropolis of the world. It always intrigued us, and we wanted to visit it before the italian break!
We walked through the historic center and inside the Hermitage, accompanied on both occasions by two very kind and very prepared guides. We enjoyed a wonderful summer’s day before, and an early autumn – with lots of freezing rain and wind – afterwards. We watched the sunset over the Baltic Sea, and we relaxed to admire the horizon. We met the famous “Hermitage’s cats” and crossed many looks, shared many smiles.
What else?! St. Petersburg left us speechless, it thrilled us, it intrigued us, it made us promise to come back sooner or later – in the middle of winter. In a nutshell: it conquered us! 🤘😎🔝
“Between the clamor of the crowd there are me and you, happy to be together, talking without even saying a word.”
(Walt Whitman)


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